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Rising Stars Nursery offers a comprehensive care and education facility to all children who meet the age criteria. In a carefully planned environment, which recognises individual needs and fosters independence and socialisation, your child will be allowed to develop to their full potential. We welcome the participation of parents and operate an open door policy, which fosters open communication. Rising Stars will put your child on the first step to life long learning.


Vision Statement


  • We will create a happy, safe and secure environment for all children in our care.

  • We will give all children every opportunity to develop to their full potential through a stimulating range of age appropriate activities.

  • We will continually enhance the environment our children develop in by up dating resources and sustaining high standards of maintenance.

  • We will continue to develop our partnership with parents and carers, whilst maintaining privacy and confidentiality at all times.

  • We will continue to meet the ongoing needs of all the staff, ensuring they have continuous access to training and opportunities to enhance their personal development.

  • We will endeavour to support all children who may have additional needs, by working with the child their family and other professionals.

  • We will provide children open access to the outdoors. We encourage children to take managed risks, think critically and explore their outdoor environment.

OFSTED - Rated 'Good' April 2017

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Child Safety


Children’s safety and welfare is paramount. We create a safe and secure environment and provide a curriculum which teaches children how to be safe, make choices and assess risks. We have stringent policies, procedures and documents in place to ensure children’s safety.


We promote the good health of the children in our care in numerous ways, including the provision of nutritious food, following set procedures when children become ill or have an accident.  


Please see our separate policies and procedures on Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Illness and Injury.


Transitions are carefully planned for and time given to ensure continuity of learning. At any transition, we acknowledge the child’s needs and establish effective partnerships with those involved with the child and other settings, including nurseries and childminders. Children attend settling in sessions to the Nursery to develop familiarity with the setting and practitioners. An “All About Me” book is given to Parents/Carers to ensure that the nursery has some background information on the child.


Prior to the children leaving the Nursery a transition meeting will be held with as many schools as possible. The children’s learning journey and development records will be passed to Parent/Carers and a copy of the development records for the school.

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